Did it ever come to your mind what our future would be? With the continuous rising of tech inventions and innovations, there is no wonder that we are on our way to a future where we see flying cars, advanced drones, and of course, robots.

The idea of robots taking…

How much data are we generating?

Ever wondered how much data the world is generating? Every click, scroll, tap, like, even every step, turn, and every other action that we do today, contributes to the generation of data.

Around 90% of the world’s digital data has just been created in the past 5 years and we are only generating data at record speeds and amounts.

As we are currently living in the Information Age, data is churned…

Restarting Travelling.

We all need a break from work, school, and our daily routines, to explore different places, go on a getaway to see the world. Now that sounds tempting right now.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Internet, and easy access to travel, had made the globe a much smaller…

Tesla has been on the forefront of manufacturing electric passenger vehicles towards their vision of moving towards sustainable transport and energy through making electric vehicles and solar power mainstream. In 2020, China accounted for 20% of their vehicle sales, which makes them the second largest market for Tesla.

But in…

Are you a fan of movies? You are? Well, have you seen science fiction movies from Christopher Nolan’s award-winning blockbuster, or Interstellar, or maybe Ridley Scott’s Aliens (from the year 1979) and possibly James Cameron’s Avatar (from the year 2009)? Do you notice any similarities between both? …

… what do you already know?


What is it about?

Reuven Cohen, the co-founder of Cloud Camp: “It is a metaphor for the internet. It’s a rebranding of the internet.”


… where it all started and how it continues

Ever since the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) took the world by storm, it has affected our way of life. This pandemic has constantly placed us in a state of emergency, physically and mentally.

The scary part…

Quantum Valley

All about the Present and Future of Technology

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